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The Working Class doesn't need any more “This” ICC

The intervention of the ICC in Spain during the mobilization around the struggle of the Asturian miners, has been conspicuous by its absence in a first time – with the notable exception of the nucleus in... Turkey. Then, under the pressure of the events and the echoes of the “Black March” (“Marcha negra”) on Madrid for one part and the astonishment, false or real, of sympathizers – see the readers' mails on their web site –, the ICC in Spain has deigned to produce a leaflet … only July 16th.

But what a leaflet ! What a shame ! Firstly this text makes all it can to reduce and enclose the workers mobilization inside the ground of the... “indignous” and of democracy : “We, the IMMENSE MAJORITY, exploited and oppressed, but also indignant, we workers of the public and private sectors, the unemployed, students, pensioners, immigrants...we are posing a lot of questions about everything that’s going on. We need to pose these questions collectively, in the streets, on the squares, in the workplaces, so that we can come up with answers together and make a massive, powerful and sustained response”

What a political vanguard organization the one which calls to pose questions while the struggle is engaged ! This recalls us the “interrogation” of the German section of the ICC in a leaflet which questioned the weapon of the strike... at the very moment the workers of the OPEL car factory of Bochum had launched into a wildcat strike The liquidationist ICC and the OPEL workers struggle, Bulletin #29 of the Internal Fraction of the ICC, December 2004).

At no moment, the ICC calls the whole working class to join the miners and to transform the “Black March” organized by the unions into a genuine workers demonstration opening towards the spreading of the fight to all and towards its unification. At no moment, the ICC calls for the political fight against the unions' manoeuvres, but all the contrary it calls for reflection (sic !), to Group together in the workplaces, in the neighbourhoods, in the collectives, on the internet, to reflect on everything that’s going on, to organise meetings and debates which will prepare the struggles to come” at the very time the movement engaged by the miners becomes, above all when the workers of Madrid (and elsewhere) are joining it, an important and even decisive battle for this mobilization of the class.

Worst even, the leaflet ends up calling for everyone to “change himself” as indispensable condition for the development of the struggle : Every social change is inseparable from an individual change. Our struggle cannot be limited to a simple change in the political and economic structures. It’s a change in the social system and thus in our own lives, in our way of seeing things, in our aspirations. This is the only way [here, it is ourselves who underline] we can develop the strength to resist the innumerable traps we will meet along the way, the physical and moral blows that will be aimed at us. A change of mentality in the direction of solidarity, collective consciousness, which will cement our unity today, but will also be the pillar of a future society free from the ferocious competition and commercialism of capitalist society”

This talking is purely and simply the one of the “movement of the indignous” and more generally the one of bourgeois ideology : “to change the world, one must change himself”. But above all, this talking is deeply anti-marxist by making the class consciousness an addition of the thoughts, of personal reflections and at best of individual consciousness. The opportunist drift of the ICC has led this one to fully place itself on the bourgeois ideology ground. If it has not yet politically cross the class frontier, it isn't any more on the ground of marxism and of the Communist Left. Thus it won't resist to convulsive movements of History because its terrible theoretical weakening and its adhesion to the crudest themes of bourgeois ideology.

August 2012.

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