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Presentation of the bulletin

Our Fraction has held a « general meeting » which enabled it to globally draw a general balance-sheet of its activities and of its history – since the formation of the Internal Fraction of the ICC of which it is the direct continuity – and to also draw new perspectives in regards with its future and its intervention. Because the important development of world capitalism's situation since 2008 – marked by the economical crisis and the perspective of massive confrontations between the social classes –, the question of the revolutionaries' regroupment with the view of the future setting up of a true communist party becomes a priority ; and even a matter of « urgency » regarding the real state of the communist forces today. We all know that, historically, the formation of the party comes rarely too soon but often too late. This situation could not but having implications on our activities as « fraction of the ICC », at least from the point of view of our immediate and concrete policy of regroupment and intervention. Consequently, for now at least two years, we were feeling the need for drawing a balance-sheet of our activities in order to strengthen our ranks and draw new perspectives. Unfortunately we have got difficulties to mobilize for this task. And when it become possible, our comrade in Mexico suffering increasing militant disengagement, could not participate to this event.

Thus we held this meeting with two militants. But far from « turning in on ourselves », we thought indispensable to open our reflection to the Internationalist Communist Tendency and to the comrades of the Internationalist Communists – Klasbatalo with whom we have developed fraternal relationships and work in common. We want to salute here the political effort the comrades of the ICT have accomplished with their participation to our balance-sheet and to the definition of new perspectives for our fraction. Their statement is published just after of our report of activities. We make it followed by our response. Far from stopping at the acknowledgement of our present differences – they are clearly exposed and they don't enable our immediate adhesion to this organization –, the ICT and ourselves, every one at its place and in relation with its own responsibilities, we are engaged in a long term process of discussion and political clarification as well as in an immediate process of political bringing together and of practical collaboration. This response – the fraternal and politically positive reaction of the comrades – comes to confirm what we have defended these last ten years, that the ICT remains the only communist organisation capable to assume a role of reference and to be a pole of political regroupment at the international scale.

Far from being contradictory with this central axis of our intervention which has been reaffirmed in our report, this one ends also with the more immediate and concrete proposal of organisational regroupment with the comrades of the IC-K. Since, as the IC-K's response that we publish also in this issue underlines it, our perspective of regroupment, of setting up a new group, with the comrades, fully fits into the perspective of regroupment around the ICT ; clearly, it is not a matter of creating an « alternative » pole, even least an organization « in competition » with the ICT but a group around the ICT, supporting this one. We are convinced that the presence of our historical current by the sides of the ICT is an asset to lead the fight for the future party.

Actually, and it is an essential point of the balance-sheet we present in our report of activities, the experience of our fraction – IFICC and FICL – shows clearly that the two historical currents – PCInt-ICT and GCF1-ICC – are not inescapably opposed, nor in competition, but on the same side of the barricade in the battle for the formation of the Communist Party of tomorrow on condition of ending with sectarianism – which doesn't mean to silence the disagreements. In this sense, our fight as fraction of the ICC has not been in vain2. We are convinced that we have saved the honor of the ICC, preserved its theoretical and political acquisitions, defended its organizational experience as well as the one of intervention within the workers struggles. Anyone who wants to refer to the true ICC – with its strengths and its weaknesses, its lessons and its mistakes – can do it thanks, for a great part, to our work of fraction. The fact the comrades of the IC-K, after almost 6 years of discussions and contradictory debates, stand today within this theoretical, political and even organizational framework, verifies this recording. And it means that « our » historical current lives on and will be present in the process of the party constitution.

We engage thus a process of regroupment with the comrades of the IC-K whose term we can't plan today – we have just received their text. Up to that moment, we remain organized as Fraction of the International Communist Left since we know that communist activity can't be conceived and realized but in a collective and organized framework.

So, it is as FICL that we have published – it is reproduced in this bulletin – and that we distribute our statement which denounces the French military intervention in Mali and the exacerbation of the imperialist rivalries it expresses. Even if we open up a process of organizational regroupment which will require the essential of our energies, our duty of communists is to carry on intervening as much as we can towards our class.

February 2nd, 2013

1. GCF : Gauche Communiste de France of the years 1945-1952.

2. It has now become obvious that this organization as such, caught in its sectarianism – towards the Communist Left – and, which is complementary, in its opportunist openness towards anarchism and some forms of leftism, blinded by its idealist and opportunist thesis on “decomposition”, and the revision of its basic positions and the ones of marxism, won't be able to correct its course. Carrying on addressing to its members of today as fraction of the same organization has no more possible positive effect. On the other hand, participating to the process of regroupment around the ICT and making this process a reference, can help the honest members of this organization and still driven by militant willingness, to break with their organization and join at their turn the dynamic which comes out around the ICT and which is an historical necessity.

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