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Coming from a split which occurred in 2009 within the IFICC, our group carries on fully defending the fundamental political positions and orientations of that one, in particular - and beyond the intervention that, as communists, we have to lead towards our class : :

- the struggle against opportunism which, today, threats and even sometimes strongly weakens the "Communist Left", as it is the case for the present ICC;

- the essential struggle for the regroupment which is vital for the proletariat and its revolutionary perspective, of the "Communist Left" forces.

Our present bulletin totally takes back and continues the practical political work already undertaken in the Bulletin of the IFICC.

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Journal of the International Group of the Communist Left

Revolution or War is the journal of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGLC).

It is the result of the fusion of CIK- Klabastalo and FICL. Our unity is based on the following main points:

1.- For our class, this vital unification of Left Communist forces (whose main component is the ICT) is an essential step for the future and indispensable formation of the class party for the revolution. This fundamental objective also requires uncompromising struggle against the penetration of bourgeois ideology within the Communist Left, especially against the opportunism and sectarianism that still plague this environment.

2.- Today, this necessary process can only strengthen communists’ ability to assume the responsibilities that the proletariat has raised: to be its most conscious and determined fraction.


(FICCI / CIM - Novembre 2007) [PDF]

Bulletin 41 (november 2007)



  • Presentation of bulletin 41
  • This bulletin is mainly focused on what founds the activity (and even the raison d'être can we say) of the fraction : the work of regroupment of the communist forces on one side and the struggle against opportunism on the other....




  • Crisis of the real estate, financial crisis?
    Or more simply a capitalist crisis of overproduction ?
  • For the Communists, the economic crisis is, first of all, the revealing of the dead-end which constitutes the capitalist system. It is, then, the means by which they have the task and the duty to make progress in extent and in depth consciousness within the class, of the need to finish with this system, by the way of struggle and revolutionary insurrection.




  • Intervention of the Fraction in the street demonstrations in Mexico



  • Two correspondances, the same concern

    We grant and encourage this approach which fully fits in the process of discussion and confrontation of the political positions that we have developed with the IBRP these last years, since the constitution of our fraction. Sole pole of regroupment which really lives on today, it's not but "around" the IBRP, because its historical legacy, its organisation framework and, of course, because of its political positions that this dynamic of political confrontation and regroupment can develop. Far from the bluffs and the formal regroupment, it's the unique method which can seriously and solidly pave the way to the future world party of the proletariat.




  • 17th Congress of the "new" ICC : a confirmation of the degeneracy Giving up marxism and political opportunism
  • The report on the works of this 17th congress, despite its discretion about what really happened and above all despite the honeyed and evasive character - not to say hypocritical - of its general tone, reflects exactly the disastrous internal situation of the "official" ICC, the deepening of its organizational degeneracy.


  • Extracts of the "Statement on the Activities Report" adopted at the International Bureau Plenum of September 2001

    Extracts of the Draft Thesis to the 3rd Congress of the Communist Party of Italy (1926)




  • Extracts of the "Invitation Letter to the 1st Congress of the IC addressed to Spartakusbund"

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